I bought something today, why isn't my spend up-to-date?

Your personal spend amount is updated once a month.

I definitely spent enough last month, why haven't I hit a target?

Qualifying spend excludes VAT, plasterboard and direct to site. Any further queries regarding your spend levels should be emailed directly to gph@theloyaltyworks.co.uk.

When can I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem during one of the redemption windows, these are in December 2020, April 2021 & October 2021.

I’ve hit redeem, why haven’t I received any emails yet?

Please check your spam/junk folder. Emails will come from GPH@theloyaltyworks.co.uk, please add this to your safe senders list.

How long does the redemption process take?

The full process can take up to 28 working days from approval.

Where will my rewards be sent to?

Your rewards will be sent to the address which is registered on your rewards account. To check this please visit the 'My Details' on 'My Rewards' page.

When does the scheme run until?

The scheme runs until 30th September 2021. From this period, you will then have until 30th November 2021 to redeem any rewards you have obtained throughout the year.